Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tiny Bubbles

If I could, I would drink Champagne every day.  It can dress any day/occasion up.  It's fun to do with an ordinary activity, such as bowling. The possibilities are endless!  Adding fruit, drinking it with juice at breakfast, or late at night with chocolate are just some of my favorite ways to enjoy champagne.  There is something about those tiny bubbles that make it fabulous.  People perk up and know a good time is coming with this drink.  It's a little fancy, fun, and tasty!  I, myself, am indulging in a glass of this sophisticated fun tonight.  So, bottoms up and cheers to you my friend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick, chick

We have chickens!  Yes we do.  And I honestly can't believe it myself.  I never in a million years thought I would have them.  I grew up in a small farming community and many of my friends had cows or chickens.  Lets just say I was not a fan, nor did I ever want to be around them.  Well, here are my four chicks. 

From left to right are two Ameraucanas (Penny and Nugget), a Rhode Island Red (Brewster) , and a Laced Wyandotte (Beaker) the day I brought them home.  I have been joking with my hubby for the last year about having chickens and getting fresh eggs.  There was no way he was going to budge!  It wasn't until we went to a birthday party that he would change his mind.  This family goes to our church and we never knew they had chickens.  Even walking and playing in the back yard, we had no clue.  They had at least 10 chickens.  No noise, smell, or hint of chicken at all.  That's what changed my hubby's mind.  He asked questions about the noise and smell.  To his surprise they were gentle and easy to care for.  Later that day we came home and started the research.  (For those of you that don't know my hubby, we/he researches everything down to a T before any major ideas or purchases.  We have the best of the best because of his O.C.D. of research.) 

We looked and looked for the breeds we thought we'd like to own.  These things are like hot cakes!  They were so hard to find.  The places we were checking were selling out.  This made me feel like the fresh eggs were so out of reach.  One of our friends was also getting some chicks and told me where she got hers.  I drove from class to the feed and seed store.  They had a whole flock of 6 different breeds.  It was so hard to pick which ones to bring home to our family.  I knew I wanted Penny from the start!  Her cute little blonde self needed to come home with me.  I decided she'd be mine and I would let everyone else pick. 

Emily was so excited she picked out hers and gave the rest assignments.  Here she is holding Beaker.  The chicks were almost a week old when I brought them home.  Plans for a coop have been discussed, but we were not ready to buil it and put the little ladies out in the cold and rain just yet.  I love animals and am the nurturing type and wanted to keep a close eye on our little gals.  Since then, they have out grown the brooder box (tupperware container) and now have a baby gate on top of the open box to keep them in and safe.  They have been growing faster than I'd like, but I'm still so in love with them.  So is this guy! 

 Penny with her tail feathers.        
Brewster and Nugget at 2 weeks.

  All for gals at 2 weeks.

Tomorrow they will be 4 weeks old and really need a coop.  Hubby is building one this weekend.  I'm so excited for them to be able to do chicken things outside.  The gals are in need of more room and it's time for them to take that next step.  It will be a bitter sweet transition and I'm sure I won't get much sleep the first night.  They come out every night for story time with Emily and get some love and attention.  I want them to be nice chickens and feel safe with us. 

Brewster 3 weeks old.

Penny and her cute puffy cheeks!

All 4 gals at 3 weeks old.                                                          

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Role Play

I always knew I was a pretty busy person.  I have involved myself in so many things.  When I always thought of the roles I played I always put mom, wife, and sister on my list.  I never would have expected my list to look like this:

My Roles

Director of Christian Education
Nursery Supervisor
VBS (vacation bible school) Chair In Training
Fundraising Board (for Buggy's school)
Soon to be Teacher's Assistant (for her school)

Some days I have no idea how I get through my day, or how I even have time for anything.  I'm not sure if I have too much on my plate, but I wouldn't change it or have it any other way.  What's on your list?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little more waiting....

I'm not sure how many of you are military wives.  It's one of the most unique lifestyles to live.  It's tough not knowing where you will move your life to. 

My hubby is up for orders and we have been in "limbo", but that's about to change.  He has been in the Navy for a little over 11 years.  We have been fortunate enough to have spent most of his Navy career in the same place.  He has been in his "open window" and looking for new orders for months now.  Nothing where we wanted to be, and nothing that sounded fantastic for our family.  Well, I'm happy to say that he finally just found 2 different orders to stay where we are.  He had to pick a first choice and second choice.  The first choice is to go back to his ship that he was previously on.  The second order is to a different carrier in the area.  I really hope we get his old ship!  We won't find out what he gets for sure till June 3!  So, we have just a little more waiting to do.   

I'm just so happy we don't have to pick up our little family and start over some place else while he'd be on deployment(s). 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Battle Against Sippy Cups

Sippy Cup Mystery

Why is it after every weekend we are always missing sippy cups?  I feel like every time I go grocery shopping I am always tossing one in the basket.  This morning I went to do the dishes and I only have 1 sippy cup.  We went from 5/6 to 1 in just a weekend.  I know for a fact we didn't leave one behind anywhere.  I always make sure we have the sippy when we get back in the van.  I know what you are thinking, and I already went to look in my van and......nothing.  I am tired of buying these cups! 

Dear Sippy Fairy,

I have searched high and low for MCO's cups.  We had about 6 when we started the weekend and now are down to 1.  Please return all cups at once!  I'm tired of adding to our collection to only lose them.  It would be greatly appreciated if you'd leave our house and make another place your home. 


Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today is my sister's birthday.  Happy Birthday!  She is such an amazing person!  She's strong, independent, loyal, dependable, always up on the latest, beautiful, and just an amazing person. 

Buggy is sad and doesn't understand why we can't go to see her today.  We went shopping for birthday gifts earlier this week, and she wants to go to her party and watch her open them.  Buggy was sad when I explained we couldn't go to Chicago for her Aunt's party. 

Here is how the conversation went:

B- Why can't we go to her party?  It's her birthday!

Me-Sorry Buggy.  We just can't.  It's too far away.

B- But we can go on a plane. 

Me-You have to buy a ticket to go on a plane.  You just can't go. 

B-Well, let's get a ticket mommy.  MCO can come too!  We can go to her party and watch her open her presents. 

Me-Sorry buggy.  It's very expensive to buy a ticket, and we can't just go.  We have to plan when we fly on a plane.

B-Oh.  O.K.  We can call her and tell her happy birthday.  Who will bring her the presents?

Me-The mailman will. 

B-Yeah, that's a good idea!

Priceless.  I wish we could be there to celebrate with you, but I'm sure your hubby and friends have something special planed for you today!