Monday, May 23, 2011

Battle Against Sippy Cups

Sippy Cup Mystery

Why is it after every weekend we are always missing sippy cups?  I feel like every time I go grocery shopping I am always tossing one in the basket.  This morning I went to do the dishes and I only have 1 sippy cup.  We went from 5/6 to 1 in just a weekend.  I know for a fact we didn't leave one behind anywhere.  I always make sure we have the sippy when we get back in the van.  I know what you are thinking, and I already went to look in my van and......nothing.  I am tired of buying these cups! 

Dear Sippy Fairy,

I have searched high and low for MCO's cups.  We had about 6 when we started the weekend and now are down to 1.  Please return all cups at once!  I'm tired of adding to our collection to only lose them.  It would be greatly appreciated if you'd leave our house and make another place your home. 



  1. The Boy won't use a sippy cup for the life of him. I think he hides them because he hates them. I hope yours turns up! Maybe they are under the couch?

  2. In her bed? In the yard? Does she put them in the trash? In Buggy's room? Could they be hiding in a diaper bag? I don't know; I lose the little valves to them, not the cups. So I have several useless sippy cups now. Luckily, Karina will use a regular cup now. Phew. Good luck!