Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Bye Fast Food!

As a child, I grew up in a church where you would have to give something up for Lent.  Something that you liked and would be a sacrifice going without for the weeks until Easter.  I came up with some pretty crazy ones, and never really followed through till my young adult life.  I didn't see why we had to do this and what the big deal was.  I always wanted to give up/ go without something that was too hard.  Like when I was in early elementary school I picked chocolate.  This was very hard (and would be for any kid) because my grandpa carried a tin can around in his pocket filled with kisses.  He would give me some every day.  We got to pick out 2 or 3 at a time.  Needless to say, this giving up chocolate thing didn't last more than a few days. 

I'm still a little green to my church.  I didn't grow up in the religion we now practice and joined when we had Buggy baptized.  I love it, but am not sure their views on this.  I am still giving something up regardless.  I wanted to pick something that I could do, but would still be hard to do without.  And what's the most convenient thing around that I take advantage of?  Fast food!  Now I don't have it every day, but those days when we are out and about or nights when I don't want to cook and we just want something fast I buy it.  I told hubby about my grand idea.  I even threw in that I wouldn't be going through any drive-thru.....including Starbucks.  (No more ordering my beloved chai.)  Hubby thought that since we have been trying to get back into the health kick that this was a great idea and is on board.  He even decided to give it up as well! 

Since I knew this is what we were doing, we ate nothing but our favorites on Tuesday.  Eating all of that junk was a little fun, but I felt gross by the end of the day.  So for the next several weeks (till Easter) our family will not be eating any fast food.  Not even ordering from "to go".  I think it will be hard, but a good move in the end.  What are you giving up for Lent?


  1. I'm giving up the things that are no-no's on my diet so that I can finally lose the last 20 pounds. That means no alcohol, soda, or unapproved snacking. It's going to be tough, but if Jesus deprived himself in the desert for 40 days to prepare for his ministry, then I think I can do it to express my faith.

  2. Nothing. I never do. At our church, you can give up stuff or not, no one really cares either way. :-)

    Also, the real reason I don't give stuff up is I have no willpower at all whatsoever, and therefore why do something I'm going to fail at immediately and then feel guilty about? Ha ha, so I just don't do it!

  3. Candy and sweets!! Good luck!