Friday, February 4, 2011

Oatmeal, Oatmeal, Oatmeal

Every morning is the same here.  I can expect Buggy to wake up between 6:30-7:15.  She climbs out of bed and makes her way to my room.  "Good morning mommy!  My tummy is so hungry for oatmeal."  Every morning the same request.  :)  I'm happy that she is not requesting pop-tarts (not that she even knows what those are), or some kind of breakfast that requires a lot of time preparing.  Every morning it's oatmeal with sprinkles.  She loves it, and it's so easy to make.  Instead of regular old sugar I use the crystal sugar (sprinkles) to make it more fun.  And she just loves it.  On rainy days I use all of the colors and make a rainbow.  Most days it's a request for pink

After eating oatmeal for a few days I try and mix things up by making eggs in a basket, toast and yogurt, or pancakes.  Buggy just looks at me and says "I don't want junky eggs" or "My tummy doesn't like that!".  Since when are eggs junky?  I would have been thrilled if my mom would have made me eggs in the morning.  I would have been jumping up and down over the sight of pancakes.  But not my Buggy.  Oatmeal it is.  Oatmeal every morning. 


  1. Mine loves oatmeal too!! She eats Apples and Cinnamon flavor every day, although once in a while I share my hard-to-find flavor, Cinnamon Spice, with her. She loves it! Then she always has a banana afterwards. I'm so happy because she is not as easy to please for lunch and dinner!

  2. :) I'm happy she loves it too! My grandma use to have to fight me to eat it. How it's what we have every day. I like to buy the big tub of plain oatmeal. Sometimes we add apples and cinnamon, dried cherries or blueberries, sprinkles, all diff kinds. My fav is the brown sugar! :P Yumm!