Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cloth Diaper Diary

I have been interested in cloth diapers since Buggy was in diapers, but never got around to getting them and trying them out.  I have a couple of really good friends who use them and love them.  I have been reading more and more about how people just love them.  They say it's not as hard as one would think.  After staying up all night talking to my friend about her experiences and knowledge, my friend from church brought some with her today to show me a small portion of her stash.  (This small portion was over 15/20, so I can just imagine how wonderful her stash really is!)  After having a little show and tell with hubby listening (I think he was), we have decided to try them out.  My friend was so awesome that she is letting me try out some of the different kinds!  She gave me a big bag of them to try out.  This is just amazing that anyone would let me use their diapers for a week.  I'm so excited! 

After church we came home and I put the bag up on the table.  I just stared at it wondering what this journey was going to be like.  I know that it will be a little different in the beginning, but I'm really very excited to try them all out and get some of my very own.  After all of my research I'm still a little nervous to do this.  I don't want to ruin her diapers, and I just want everything to work out.  :)  I want Little Miss  Crazy O (LMCO) to love them how I love them.  I'm very lucky to have two great people to help me through this journey and a supportive hubby on board.  :) 

Even though I'm so very excited about this trial, I just was too nervous to put LMCO in them.  I stared at them all afternoon as they sat in the bag.  Nervous to use them and mess up.  I have gathered enough courage (I know what you're thinking--they are just diapers and just do it) to try them in the morning.  I will take you on this journey with me telling you all of the mishaps, first poopy one, and the ones I buy for my own stash.  :) 

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  1. Don't worry about messing them up! They're meant to have poo in them. :-) I felt the same way, though, when I first started. They leaked, and I couldn't get them on right, and I couldn't fold the prefolds right, and on and on, but after a very short amount of time, I figured out what works for us, and it's been really smooth sailing ever since.

    You said nice things about me, thank you! I am as happy to help you as you are to start using them!