Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This is the best stuff ever.  It kept Buggy busy for over 45 min.  She loved it and wanted to make more after her nap.  I made it for her in a round cake pan for two reasons.  One, it was all contained in one area.  Two, the pan was shallow enough for her to sit in her booster seat and still have access to the goo.  Clean up is too easy.  All you need is a wet washcloth to wipe up anything that "spilled" out of the cake pan.  It's fun to play with.  If you hit it or adjetate it with quick movements you can't push through it.  However, if you use slow movements it's like slime.  I was able to pick up a solid piece and ooze it on Buggy's hands.  She loved it!  I saw a segment on Ellen about this and wanted to try it out for our self.  I'm so happy we did.  :)  Here's how you make it. 

1 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup of water
food coloring (to color the goo if wanted)

If you are going to make yours a color, put the food coloring in the water.  Then just mix the cornstarch and water. 


  1. I LOVE playing with this stuff! I learned about it in high school when my chemistry teacher made some. We were discussing states. Is this a liquid or a solid?? :-) I've made it for my kids to play with too.

  2. I have to email my friend Cathy and find out her recipe--hers is slightly different. I think it's thicker. It might be fun to try both of them.
    I love the look on Buggy's face in your picture. She looks so serious!