Monday, August 9, 2010

"Don't look at my mess"

So I was getting Buggy ready to go outside so she could play in her new beach ball sprinkler. All she had to do was put her mermaid outfit in her dress up drawer and pick up her cars she was playing with. :) I went in her room to grab her suit and towel when she told me "Mommy, don't look at my mess I made". I thought she was talking about the cars she had played with and replied with an "Okay". So I walk into her closet to get her suit and she's putting her mermaid outfit away. There were tutus, bracelets, and all kinds of things on the floor and out of the drawer. I told her that she also had to pick up those things and close the drawer. She responded with "Mommy, I told you not to look at my mess". Crack me up!!!


  1. I wonder who she heard that from! I'm sure mine will be saying similar things some day, too. It was great to see you guys Sunday, even though it wasn't for long.

  2. Thanks! It was good to see you too! You just wait, she'll be saying silly things like this. :)