Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Morning Monday!

So, I thought I'd be able to catch up on my blog this weekend.  We didn't really have any big plans. We were going to help clean Buggy's playground at school, and Sunday school started.  That was it. 

Early Saturday morning, before breakfast, Buggy got sick.  Two times.  What a horrible start to the weekend.  When it happened, I thought the bug she had would last at least the whole weekend.  I ran to the store to get her some "special fluids" for her tummy.  By the time I got home from the store I could tell that the bug wasn't going to last as long as I thought.  Buggy was begging for lunch and we decided to give her the B.R.A.T (bananas, rice, apples, toast) diet.  She ate.  To her surprise she said "I didn't spit up!".  After lunch came a long 4 hour nap.  She was good to go!  :)  I felt so lucky that this "bug" was fairly nice.  Or so I thought.

Sunday morning came too quickly.  Early that morning my hubby was sick.  Ugh!  At first I thought about when this lovely little bug was going to catch up with me and Miss Crazy O.  I don't have time for such things.  Hubby was feeling better by church time so we all went to church.  We drove separate cars because he was picking up 2 students (from a college up the road) to bring to church.  I was so worried that Miss Crazy O was going to get it next I wasn't really able to concentrate much on anything else.  After the service Hubby met me in the nursery to tell me he'd meet me at home.  He asked if I needed help with anything.  I handed him Buggy's red busy bag and he was off.  Before I knew it I was searching for my keys and had no idea where I had put them.  I took everything out of the diaper bag twice.  I retraced all of my steps.....and, nothing!  :(  What was I going to do?  It was drizzling outside.  Not too cool and pretty warm.  It wasn't till the girls' babysitter mentioned that maybe the keys were in the red bag I gave hubby.  Yup, that was it!  He had my keys.  So, we walked home in the drizzle.  It wasn't the Sunday I thought I should be having.  But we made do. 

After getting bills ready, food shopping, and some laundry done I relaxed the only way I know how on a Sunday.  I watched the Packers win 27-20!  Go pack go!  This was the perfect ending to a hectic weekend.  Not at all how I had planed in my head, but a pretty good one. 


  1. I am so sorry you had to walk home! I'm sure we could have worked out some way to get you home. We could have left the two older girls with Mrs. A while I took you and O home, then come back, gotten see? It could have worked so nobody had to go in the rain! (It's not like you live far). Well, crazy weekend, but I'm glad everyone is feeling okay now.

  2. Good Morning! I have a blogger award for you :)