Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oprah and Tofu

Just a reminder that the Oprah show my sister and mom went to is going to be on Friday!  :)  I already have my DVR set up to record.  I can't wait! 

Another note, I made something new tonight.  I had some tofu and added it to our mushroom alfredo and broccoli tonight.  After we prayed, Buggy dove right into the tofu.  She picked out all of the little cubes and ate them first.  When she was done she said "May I have some more cofu?".  (It was hard not to laugh at her.)  Hubby told her she had to eat her broccoli before she could get more.  By the time the broccoli was almost all done, she was too full.  She's already asked for "cofu" for lunch after school.  :)  She's so silly!

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