Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday Madness

Oh my goodness!  Yesterday Buggy went to school for the full time (9:15-11:45).  After Miss Crazy O and I took her we ran over to a preview class for Musikgarten.  Buggy has participated in this program for years, and now it's Miss Crazy O's turn.  (We have been really happy with this program and highly recommend it! They have classes from infant all the way to adult.)  After class I had to run home and change.  O had spit up all during class and needed to be chanced 3 times!  I smelled so bad I needed to change before we went to pick Buggy up from school.  O slept for 30 min before we had to go get her sister.  After we were all home and fed, the girls have naps.  Well, not yesterday!  Buggy played during her nap.  :(  I had to go in several times to remind her this was nap time and not play time. 

Finally after many hours of play I had Buggy just come out of her room.  She was obviously not going to nap.  She had a melt down and I told her to calm down/take a chill pill.  I should have never said that because the next thing you know, she's crying because she doesn't have a chill pill.  She really wanted one and this quickly turned into a fit (because of not having a nap).  I tried to tell her that they aren't real, that's just something people say when you need to calm down.  (I will never use this phrase with her again!)  Being tired and mad, she went into her room without a chill pill. 

When hubby came home we decided to treat ourselves after a hectic day to dinner out.  Yay!  No cooking or dishes to do.  :)  He really wanted to try Fuddruckers.  I have eaten there a few times in high school, but he has never been.  We drove there to only find they went out of business.  :(  Man!  We drove around the area and found Texas Road House.  We have never been there and decided to give it a try.  Yumm!  We were so impressed.  They have these amazing bread baskets with cinnamon butter they give you.  Not to mention the peanuts too!  :)  How fun was this place going to be.  You can even pick your own steak, or order something off of the menu.  To our pleasant surprise, happy hour is every Monday - Friday from 4-7!  I had a margarita for only $3!  :)  It was so good.  After ordering our food, we were pretty much full.  This place has not only amazing food, but also great service!  This is going to be our new date night spot.

I was taking pics with my camera when the button you push to take pics fell off!  Oh my goodness---now it looks like I will be getting a new one.  I loved my pink camera!  It wasn't the best, but was better than most.  I'm hoping this weekend we can go look at what's out there and do a little research.  (For those of you that don't know my hubby, he's very extreme.  He likes to have the best, fastest, craziest things for a great price!  He'll do research on anything before we buy it and find it at a great price!)

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  1. Holy mackerel, you aren't kidding about a crazy day! You put mine to shame! Your hub sounds like mine. Best stuff for cheapest price! I have a pink Sony and I love it. Hub has a Panasonic Lumix and it has something like 12x zoom! It's incredible.

    I felt so bad that Miss O spit up so many times. I hope the other mom will try the class again, too. I felt bad when I found out she had just left. I'm sure you and the girls will work out a schedule soon. My mom used to tell us that we didn't have to sleep, but we were expected to lie on our beds. Maybe you can try that with Buggy and see if it will work. I'm sure she's just so overtired and excited from class that she needs some wind-down time. As we speak, my little goofball is still blabbing away in her crib (after playgroup) instead of sleeping. I think I rushed her into her nap. Well, she'll sleep eventually I guess!